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2014 Session Snapshot

Congratulations to our 2014 American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State Elected Officials.

City Election Results
Lincoln County
Cedar City Spruce City

Mayor Bailey Little
Chief City Councilwoman India Archer
City Councilwoman Kristin Connors
City Councilwoman Annika Cushnyr
City Councilwoman Elise Eras
City Clerk Emily Silva
City Treasurer Alicia Dominguez
Municipal Judge Mollyanne Hurd

Report not received.

Mayor Britnee Perea
Chief City Councilwoman Daniella Martinez
City Councilwoman Antonia Holguin
City Councilwoman Promise Walker
City Councilwoman Renee Montoya
City Clerk Veronica Espinoza
City Treasurer Alexis Garcia
Municipal Judge Jaclyn Sena

Report not received.

Washington County
Cactus City Pine City

Mayor Maggie Guetersloh
Chief City Councilwoman Emily Schalk
City Councilwoman Jodi Thomas
City Councilwoman Olivia Benavidez
City Councilwoman Guadalupe Rubio
City Clerk Jennifer Bodley
City Treasurer Ekaterina Magedova
Municipal Judge Kristina Jansen

City Attorney Elena Davidson
Fire Chief Zaryah Saiz
Police Chief Shandaree Martin
Head Detective Crystal Torres
Police Officer Keasly Kerbo, Kristina Jansen
City Reporter Kayla Richardson
Building Inspector Shanell Leekya
Health & Recreation Officer Jacqueline Baros, Malika Bahe
Manager of Chamber of Commerce Carolyn Arredondo
Sergeant-At-Arms Valeria Teran
Animal Control Officer Victoria Sieber

Mayor Sofia Lucero
Chief City Councilwoman Marissa Bourbon
City Councilwoman Karen Cervantes
City Councilwoman Bianka Calles
City Councilwoman Chante Luna
City Clerk Haley Davis
City Treasurer Denisse Vazquez
Municipal Judge Savannah Lueras

Doctor AnnaMarie Pena
City Attorney Teri Tsinnijinnie
Fire Chief Lyric Ortiz
Police Chief Mariah Piedra
Police Officer Cassie Niiha, Desiree Ganadonegro, Felicity Archuleta
City Reporter Taylor Hansen
Sanitary Engineer Kaitlin Rogel
Building Inspector Rachel Wilkins
Homeland Security Jessica Sullivan
Health & Recreation Officer Flora Abudushalamu
Manager of Chamber of Commerce Caitlin Hone
Sergeant-At-Arms Casandra Vasquez
Animal Control Officer Solana Cummings


County Election Results
Lincoln County Washington County

District Judge Elise Eras - Nat
District Attorney Duan Quandelacy - Fed
Member State Board of Education Shanay Edaakie - Fed
County Commissioner Myka Mosley - Fed
County Clerk Emily Silva - Fed
County Treasurer No Candidate
County Sheriff Savanna Gomez - Nat
State Senator

  • Renee Montoya - Fed
  • Antonia Holguin - Fed
  • Bailey Little - Fed
  • Promise Walker - Nat
  • Taylor Bowman - Nat

State Representative

  • Mariah Sanchez - Fed
  • Jacqueline Alvarado - Fed
  • Gabrielle Villorente - Fed
  • Cecilia Corona - Fed
  • Carly Perry - Fed
  • Melissa Montoya - Nat
  • Ermelinda Torres - Nat
  • Veronica Espinoza - Nat
  • Alexis Garcia - Nat
  • Jaclyn Sena - Nat
  • Yolanda Bencomo - Nat
  • Anica Lucero - Nat
  • Annika Cushnyr - Nat
  • Rhiannon Barela - Nat
  • Alicia Dominguez - Nat
  • India Archer - Nat

District Judge Mariah Piedra - Fed
District Attorney Marissa Bourbon - Fed
Member State Board of Education Sofia Lucero - Nat
County Commissioner Malika Bahe - Nat
County Clerk Cassie Niiha - Fed
County Treasurer Chantel Luna - Nat
County Sheriff Rachel Wilkins - Fed
State Senator

  • Carolyn Arredondo - Fed
  • Rebecca Melendez - Fed
  • Guadalupe Rubio - Nat
  • Ella Freimanis - Nat
  • Lyric Ortiz - Nat
  • Casandra Vasquez - Nat

State Representative

  • Margaret Guetersloh - Fed
  • Jacqueline Baros - Fed
  • Rani Yamutewa - Fed
  • Emily Schalk - Fed
  • Zaryah Saiz - Fed
  • Denisse Vazquez - Fed
  • Victoria Sieber - Nat
  • Olivia Benavidez - Nat
  • Kristina Jansen - Nat
  • Jennifer Bodley - Nat
  • Haley Davis - Nat
  • Karen Cervantes - Nat
Lincoln County
Nationalist Appointments
Lincoln County
Federalist Appointments
Washington County
Nationalist Appointments
Washington County
Federalist Appointments
Report not received. Report not received. County Convention Chair Casandra Vasquez
County Convention Clerk
Lyric Ortiz
Country Convention Treasurer Raquel Andujo
County Convention Chair
Marissa Bourbon
County Convention Clerk Shandaree Martin
Country Convention Treasurer Valeria Teran
Senate Appointments House of Respresentatives Appointments
Report not received. Report not received.


State Election Results
Governor Kristin Connors Lt. Governor Julia Gallegos
Secretary of State
Valeria Teran
State Auditor
No Candidate
State Treasurer
Ekaterina Magedova
Attorney General
Mollyanne Hurd
Justice of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice Taylor Hansen
Raquel Andujo, Flora Abudushalama, Madison McNeile, Britnee Perea (left to right)
Governor's Cabinet Appointments

Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office Caitlin Hone

Secretary of African American Affairs India Archer

Secretary of Agriculture Victoria Sieber

Secretary of Children, Youth & Families Jacqueline Alvarado

Secretary of Corrections Shayline Stacy

Secretary of Cultural Affairs Malika Bahe

Secretary of Economic Development Jacqueline Baros

Secretary of Higher Education Carol Torres

Secretary of Public Education Guadalupe Rubio

Secretary of Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Haley Davis

Secretary of the Environment Zaryah Saiz

Secretary of Finance & Administration Taylor Bowman

Secretary of General Services Kaitlin Rogel

Secretary of Health Keasly Kerbo

Secretary of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Annika Cushnyr

Secretary of Native American Affairs Bailey Little

Secretary of Information Technology AnnaMarie Pena

Secretary of Public Affairs Jodi Thomas

Secretary of Public Safety Shanell Leekya

Secretary of Taxation & Revenue Kathia Beltran

Secretary of Tourism Margaret Guetersloh

Secretary of Transportation Elis Eras

Secretary of Veteran Affairs Makenzey Lindquist

Nationalist Party Appointments Federalist Party Appointments
State Party Chairman Casandra Vasquez
State Party Clerk Lyric Ortiz
State Party Treasurer Alexis Garcia
State Party Chairman Britnee Perea
State Party Clerk Emily Silva
State Party Treasurer Madison McNeile


Other Awards and Recognitions
Outstanding Citizens
Cedar City
India Archer
Spruce City
Kaci Benge
Cactus City
Elena Davidson
Pine City
Kaitlyn Rogel
Outstanding City
Pine City
AnnaMarie Pena, Bianka Calles, Caitlin Hone, Casandra Vasquez, Cassie Niiha, Chantel Luna, Denisse Vazquez, Desiree Ganadonegro,
Felicity Archuleta, Flora Abudushalamu, Haley Davis, Jessica Sullivan, Kaitlin Rogel, Karen Cervantes, Lyric Ortiz, Mariah Piedra,
Marissa Bourbon, Rachel Wilkins, Savannah Lueras, Sofia Lucero, Solana Cummings, Taylor Hansen, Teri Tsinnijinnie
Government Counselor Cathy King, Jr. Government Counselor Yuridia Loera, Senior Counselor Gloria Rhoads, Junior Counselor Madeline Cunnings
American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation
Sr. Senator
Annika Cushnyr
Jr. Senator
Margaret Guetersloh
1st Alternate
Haley Davis
2nd Alternate
Kaitlin Rogel
Samsung Scholarship ENMU Founder's Board Book Scholarship
Daniella Martinez Karen Cervantes Emily Schalk Rhiannon Barela
Art Cover Contest
Daniella Martinez Rhiannon Barela
ALA NM Girls State National Guard - Honor Guard
Annika Cushnyr, Bailey Little, Casandra Vasquez, Denisse Vazquez, Jacqueline Alvarado, Julia Gallegos, Karen Cervantes,
Margaret Guetersloh, Mariah Sanchez, Rebecca Aguirre, Shanell Leekya, Veronica Espinoza
Led by Advisor Mary Lou Lopez
Choir Ensemble Participants
Annika Cushnyr, Emily Silva, Haley Davis, Julia Gallegos, Raquel Andujo, Veronica Espinoza, Zaryah Saiz
Talent Show Participant
Alexis Garcia, Bailey Little, Caitlin Hone, Elena Davidson, Ella Freimanis, Guadalupe Rubio, India Archer, Jennifer Bodley, Jessica Sullivan, Jodi Thomas, Kaitlin Rogel, Kayla Richardson, Kristin Connors, Lyric Ortiz, Margaret Guetersloh, Melissa Montoya, Mollyanne Hurd, Rachel Wilkins, Raquel Andujo, Renèe Montoya, Valeria Teran, Victoria Navarro, Zaryah Saiz


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