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2015 Session - Legislation

Bill Number Bill Committee Name of Bill Senator Bill
Assigned To
27 Environment Easy Recycling Act Abby Morris S  
28 Environment No Title Adriana Olmos S  
3 Education 1 Sleep versus School Alexandra Schmidt H  
54 Education 3 Time Comprehension Act Alexis Torres H  
21 Community Rights Voter Verification Requirement Act Allison Wilton S  
42 Gun/Prison Reform The Federal Prison Reform Act Ambrozia Medina S  
65 Community Rights Claiming the week of July 25, 2015 through August 2, 2015 as the Girls Nation week. Angel Sanchez H  
39 Gun/Prison Reform Alternative Solutions for Illegal Durg Use and Possession Annaka Westphal S  
58 Community Rights Volunteer Arianna Garcia H  
37 Healthcare Increase Funding for Education and Mental Health Services by Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana Arizona Furphy S  
30 Environment Protect Reservoirs of State Parks Ashley Turpin H  
34 Healthcare Smoking Youth Prevention Act Autumn Pearson H  
12 Education 3 No Title Belle  Toney H  
45 Animal Rights Human and Animals in Slaughterhouse Brianna Gilligan S  
35 Healthcare Welfare Drug Screening Act Brittany Brush S  
50 Education 2 The Reform of New Mexico's Education Act Calista Weiss H  
51 Education 1 No Title Cameron Estrada H  
63 Community Rights Cyberbullying Act of 2015 Carina Nunez H  
55 Education 2 Reduce Standardized Tests Cassandra Martinez S  
8 Education 2 Excess Meal Donations Act Chabrielle Allen S  
22 Community Rights Marriage Equality Act Charissia Tsosie S  
43 Gun/Prison Reform Gun Ownership Safety Cierra Hemann H  
52 Education 3 Lottery Scholarship Cindy Vasquez S  
24 Community Rights Stricter with Traffic Violations Cristina Montes H  
60 Education 2 Freedom of Speech in University Act Dana Thalmann H  
29 Environment No Title Dayna Campbell H  
59 Education 1 No Title Destiny Lujan H  
20 Community Rights Increased Minimum Wage Act Destiny Martinez H  
38 Healthcare Guidelines for healthier food in public schools Elena Chavira S  
46 Animal Rights Auto-Spay and Neutar Tax Act Elizabeth Rivera S  
5 Education 1 Social Science Credit Grace Hendricks S  
19 Community Rights Equitable Pay Act Gretchen Fasting S  
13 Education 3 Scholarships to those who earn it Hailey Fortin S  
53 Healthcare The alternative to the state Mental Hospital Bill Jaqueline Mayfield S  
31 Environment Well Water Regulations Act Jordan Miller S  
57 Community Rights Women's Rights Jovani Gallegos S  
23 Community Rights Abused Children Justice Katelin Chavez H  
40 Gun/Prison Reform Second Chances Act Katelynn Goodman H  
7 Education 2 Required Special Training Act Kaylynn Mace H  
36 Healthcare Health Insurance Keisha Kallestewa H  
48 Animal Rights No Title Kiana Etsate H  
44 Animal Rights Animal Testing Ki'ana Perez H  
1 Education 2 Math and Reading Proficiency Kyanna Spaulding S  
17 Education 3 Lottery Scholarship Should Stay Intact Mariyah Lucero H  
6 Education 1 Representation for all parties and of all scenarios in Sex Education Classes Melanie Alderette S  
26 Community Rights Dress Code Discrimination Act Melina Sanchez H  
47 Animal Rights Against Animal Abuse Merlin Byrd S  
11 Education 2 PARCC Testing Mikayla Fahey H  
64 Community Rights No Title Mikayla Fuller S  
49 Education 1 Better Sex Education in Public Schools Naomi Salazar H  
10 Education 2 Women in STEM Act Paige Torres S  
56 Community Rights The improvement of Federal minimum wage Paulina Banuelos H  
41 Gun/Prison Reform No Dismissal Act Rachel Mendez H  
32 Environment Save Chaco Canyon Reagan Pennypacker S  
62 Education 1 No Title Rhianna Muniz S  
14 Education 3 A bill to establish a voucher system in New Mexico Rory Cooley S  
15 Education 3 First 2 Years of College Free Act Samantha Donnelly H  
33 Healthcare Helping the True Heroes of America Shondiin Lewis S  
4 Education 1 School Attendance Act Sidney Kullman H  
9 Education 2 Standardized Testing is Required Tanisha Boone S  
2 Education 1 Children of Veterans Educationa Rights (COVER) Act Taylor Fritz S  
61 Education 3 ENMU Taylor Libby H  
18 Education 3 College Readiness Act Taylor Torres H  
25 Community Rights Child Care Act Theresa Salas S  
16 Education 3 No Title Yarely Ogaz S  




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