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2015 Session Snapshot

Congratulations to our 2015 American Legion Auxiliary New Mexico Girls State Elected Officials.

City Election Results
Lincoln County
Cedar City Spruce City

 Chabrielle Allen
Chief City Councilwoman Alexis Torres
City Councilwoman Autumn Pearson
City Councilwoman Melanie Alderette
City Councilwoman Grace Hendricks
City Clerk Mariyah Lucero
City Treasurer Mikayla Dawn Fuller
Municipal Judge Taylor Torres

City Attorney Cindy Vasquez
Fire Chief Cristina Montes
Police Chief Grace Hendricks
Police Officer Reagan Pennypacker, Angel Sanchez
City Reporter Reagan Pennypacker
Building Engineer Destiny Martinez
Health & Recreation Officer Mikayla Fuller
Manager of Chamber of Commerce Calista Weiss
Sergeant-At-Arms Kaylynn Mace
Animal Control Officer Autumn Pearson
Poll Clerk Mariyah Lucero, Kaylynn Mace, Angel Sanchez, Cindy Vasquez

Mayor Allison Wilton
Chief City Councilwoman Kyanna Spaulding
City Councilwoman Melina Sanchez
City Councilwoman Naomi Salazar
City Councilwoman Elizabeth Rivera
City Clerk Annaka Westphal
City Treasurer Hailey Fortin
Municipal Judge Alexandra Schmidt

City Attorney Arizona Furphy
Fire Chief Ashley Turpin
Police Chief Tanisha Boone
Police Officer Rachel Mendez, Naomi Salazar
City Reporter Kyanna Spaulding
Sanitary Engineer Yarely Ogaz
Building Inspector Elizabeth Rivera
Building Engineer Annaka Westphal
Homeland Security PaigeTorres
Asst. Homeland Security Melina Sanchez
Health & Recreation Officer Charissia Tsosie
Manager of Chamber of Commerce Alexandra Schmidt
Sergeant-At-Arms Yarely Ogaz
Animal Control Officer Cassandra Martinez
Poll Clerk Rachel Mendez, Yarely Ogaz, Elizabeth Rivera, Annaka Westphal

Cheer Committee
Naomi Salazar, Ashley Turpin, Rachel Mendez
Flag Committee Paige Torres, Tanisha Boone, Cassandra Martinez, Charissia Tsosie
Mayor's Conference Committee 
Motto Committee
Kyanna Spaulding, Allison Wilton
Ordinances Committee Elizabeth Rivera, Melina Sanchez, Alexandra Schmidt
Seal Committee Alexandra Schmidt, Yarely Ogaz, Arizona Furphy, Annaka Westphal
Song Committee Melina Sanchez, Alexandra Schmidt, Paige Torres
For God & Country Program

Washington County
Cactus City Pine City

Mayor Cameron Estrada
Chief City Councilwoman Jaqueline Mayfield
City Councilwoman Taylor Lawren Fritz
City Councilwoman Elena Chavira
City Councilwoman Mikayla Fahey
City Clerk Kiana Etsate
City Treasurer Dayna Campbell
Municipal Judge Katie Goodman

Cheer Committee 
Brittany Rose, Elena Chavira
Flag Committee Paulina Elizabeth, Elena Chavira, Ambrozia Medina, Ki'ana Perez
Mayor's Conference Committee Kiana Tyra
Ordinances Committee Brittany Rose, Merlin Colleen, Rhianna Muniz, Carina Nunez
Seal Committee Dayna Campbell, Taylor Fritz, Katelynn Goodman, Jaqueline Mayfield, Abby Morris
For God & Country Program Taylor Fritz, Ki'ana Perez

Mayor Dana Thalmann
Chief City Councilwoman Theresa Salas
City Councilwoman Belle Toney
City Councilwoman Jovani Gallegos
City Councilwoman Shondiin Lewis
City Clerk Brianna Gilligan
City Treasurer Keisha Kallestewa
Municipal Judge Adriana A. Olmos

City Attorney Sidney Kullman
Fire Chief Jordan Miller
Police Chief Katelin Chavez, Cierra Hemann
Police Officer Samantha Donnelly
Building Inspector Adriana Olmos
Health & Recreation Officer Rory Cooley
Sergeant-At-Arms Brianna Gilligan
Poll Clerk Sidney Kullman, Adriana Olmos


County Election Results
Lincoln County Washington County

District Judge Kyanna Spaulding (N)
District Attorney Arizona Furphy (F)
Member State Board of Education Grace Hendricks (N)
County Commissioner No Candidate
County Clerk Mariyah Lucero (N)
County Treasurer Reagan Pennypacker (N)
County Sheriff Kaylynn Mace (N)
State Senator

  • Cassandra Martinez (F)
  • Elizabeth Rivera (N)
  • Annaka Westphal (N)
  • Allison Wilton (F)

State Representative

  • Destiny Martinez (F)
  • Rachel Mendez (F)
  • Cristina Montes (N)
  • Alexis Torres (F)
  • Ashley Turpin (N)

District Judge No Candidate
District Attorney Abby Morris (N)
Member State Board of Education Belle Toney (F)
County Commissioner Shondiin Lewis (F)
County Clerk Brianna Gilligan (N)
County Treasurer No Candidate
County Sheriff Paulina Banuelos (N)
State Senator

  • Brittany Brush (N)
  • Merlin Byrd (N)
  • Rory Cooley (F)
  • Taylor Fritz (N)
  • Jordan Miller (N)
  • Theresa Salas (N)

State Representative

  • Katelin Chavez (N)
  • Samantha Donnelly (N)
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2015 Session - Bills/Resolutions


State Election Results
Governor Taylor Torres (F) Lt. Governor Taylor Libby (F)
Secretary of State
Sidney Kullman (N)
State Auditor
Paige Torres (N)
State Treasurer
Keisha Kallestewa (F)
Attorney General
Alexandra Schmidt (N)
Justice of the Supreme Court
Chief Justice Elena Chavira (N)
Autumn Pearson (N), Cameron Estrada (F), Katelynn Goodman (N), Jaqueline Mayfield (N)
Governor's Cabinet Appointments

Chief of Staff, Governor’s Office Paige Torres

Secretary of African American Affairs Ki'ana Perez

Secretary of Agriculture Ashley Turpin

Secretary of Children, Youth & Families Samantha Donnelly

Secretary of Corrections Gretchen Fasting

Secretary of Cultural Affairs Rachel Mendez

Secretary of Economic Development Allison Wilton

Secretary of Higher Education Dana Thalmann

Secretary of Public Education Grace Hendricks

Secretary of Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Autumn Pearson

Secretary of the Environment Dayna Campbell

Secretary of Finance & Administration Keisha Kallestewa

Secretary of General Services Shondii Lewis

Secretary of Health Briana Gilligan

Secretary of Homeland Security & Emergency Management Rory Cooley

Secretary of Native American Affairs Kiana Etsate

Secretary of Information Technology Carina Nunez

Secretary of Public Affairs Theresa Salas

Secretary of Public Safety Angel Sanchez

Secretary of Taxation & Revenue Annaka Westphal

Secretary of Tourism Cameron Estrada

Secretary of Transportation Paulina Banuelos

Secretary of Veteran Affairs Taylor Fritz

(F) = Federalist Party, (N) = Nationalist Party


Other Awards and Recognitions
Outstanding Citizens
Cedar City
Alexis Torres
Spruce City
Allison Wilton
Cactus City
Ki'ana Perez
Pine City
Sidney Kullman
Outstanding City
Cactus City
Abby Morris, Ambrozia Medina, Brittany Brush, Cameron Estrada, Carina Nunez, Dayna Campbell, Elena Chavira, Jaqueline Mayfield, Katelynn Goodman, Kiana Etsate, Ki'ana Perez, Merlin Byrd, Mikayla Fahey, Paulina Banuelos, Rhianna Muniz, Taylor Fritz

Junior Counselor Olivia Benavidez, Junior Counselor Maggie Guestersloh
Senior Counselor Cathy Fitzgerald, Government Counselor Hannah Thornton
American Legion Auxiliary Girls Nation
Sr. Senator
Grace Hendricks (N)
Jr. Senator
Cameron Estrada (F)
1st Alternate
Taylor Fritz (N)
2nd Alternate
Dana Thalmann (N)
Samsung Scholarship ENMU Founder's Board Book Scholarship
Grace Hendricks Melanie Alderette Dana Thalmann
Art Cover Contest

Front Cover Jaqueline Mayfield

Back Cover Yarely Ogaz
ALA NM Girls State National Guard - Honor Guard
Brittany Brush, Gretchen Fasting, Jaqueline Mayfield, Jordan Miller, Paige Torres, Ashley Turpin, Calista Weiss
Led by Advisor Maureen Harrop
Choir Ensemble Participants

Allison Wilton, Arizona Furphy, Ashley Turpin, Cierra Hemann, Melina Sanchez, Samantha Donnelly, Sidney Kullman
Led by Choir Director Imogene Jones

Talent Show Participant

Abby Morris, Adriana Olmos, Annaka Westphal, Cameron Estrada, Carina Nunez, Chabrielle Allen, Cierra Heman, Dana Thalman, Dayne Campbell, Jordan Miller, Kiana Etsate, Mikayla Fahey, Mikayla Fuller, Naomi Salazar, Paulina Banuelos, Rhianna Muniz, Rory Cooley, Samantha Donnelly, Sidney Kullman
MC'd by Kristin Connors and Julia Gallegos


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